VRChat Fix for Black Screen, No Sound

I just fixed my VRChat with a solution I haven’t seen anywhere else, and I want to share it. I have an i3 processor which is below the specifications, but it worked on this PC before and stopped working after a long hiatus.

To fix VRChat starting with a black screen and no sound in desktop mode, I found and removed a vrchat URL in the launch options field in Steam.

In Steam library, right-click VRChat and choose properties. With “GENERAL” highlighted to the left, look in the “LAUNCH OPTIONS” box. If there is a url there (beginning with “vrchat://”), remove it. You may want to copy it and paste it into a text file first for future reference if you are unsure.

Be sure to launch VRChat from the Steam library screen and not a desktop icon to be sure the desktop icon is adding any parameters or using an outdated URL.

I’m not sure why I had a URL there in the first place, but from some prompts I had while troubleshooting it seems that URLs for vrchat have changed since I last played, and that was the cause for my particular issue.